Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, leader in the meat snacks category, selected Atomic Playpen as its interactive agency-of-record to maintain clear category leadership, facilitate brand growth, and bring Jack Link’s (JL) meat snacks into the mainstream snacking market.

I lead the team that established a strategy of providing snack-size moments of content focused on area of interest for Jack Link’s core audience of “Adventurous Spirits” and then converted that strategy into a flexible UX paradigm. What started 3 years ago as a system based on delivering fresh, syndicated content from Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, Flickr, and key entertainment sources will now be taken to the small screens.

My team is currently working on the UX and design for a Responsive Design experience that will focus on bringing this same syndicated content strategy to tablets and handsets across a variety of platforms and screen resolutions. This optimized, mobile-first experience is the next step in a digital business road map to deliver the Jack Link’s brand (and it’s associated content) to audiences when and where they want it.

The responsive design site launches in December 2012. More details are available upon request.

View the current syndicated content web site.