Implicit and explicit knowledge management is an issue for any big company. Within a fast-paced CPG marketing culture where brand managers switch brands every 18-24 months, onboarding knowledge needs to be consistent, immediate and comprehensive. When General Mills was looking to solve some internal knowledge management issues and insure that their MBA leaders had all the information they needed at their fingertips, they turned to my strategy and UX team at Popular Front.

I directed the creation of a very innovative faceted search tool that allowed brand managers at General Mills to quickly and easily access 100’s of thousands of critical documents using a simple set of meta tags. Tags could be combined in any order to customize and refine their search parameters in a game-like fashion (eliminating the need for costly and useless system training). Search could be saved and accessed from a simple dashboard.  Users were alerted to updates or changes to documents associated with their saved searches.

The system worked so well for onboarding purposes that General Mills rolled it out to the entire company as the main repository for all brand and marketing related information.

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